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I hope that you find this website to be a wealth of information as you learn about the many exciting activities and events occurring in our school. We take great pride in our school and seek every opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of our talented students and staff. This website serves an excellent vehicle to share the important news occurring on a daily basis at the middle school with the greater Region 15 school community.

Our mission at Rochambeau Middle School is to educate our students to attain academic success, to think critically and creatively and to act responsibly, utilizing a diverse and challenging curriculum with school, home and community collaboration, in a safe, nurturing environment. We are a community committed to the unique needs of young adolescents who believe that the love of learning is fostered through differentiated, rigorous and engaging instruction. Staff and students feel safe to explore new ideas and collaborate in a climate where they are valued, respected, and honor the differences among people in order to achieve their individual potential in a global community.

The middle school learner has diverse learner needs with wide ranging interests, learning styles, academic strengths, and areas for growth. We pride ourselves upon our understanding of the complex developmental needs of the middle school child and the necessary measures that we take each day to ensure that every student demonstrates success in the classroom and experiences greater confidence facing the ever confusing and evolving world in which we live.

A common theme that unifies all members of the Region 15 community- administrators, teaching and support staff, parents, students and community leaders alike- is our shared vision for continuous school improvement that provides rigorous curricular opportunities to engage children in a meaningful way each and every day. The focus of our middle school curricular program is child centered and seeks to expose students to rich content designed to promote inquiry and discovery while encouraging practical application and self-reflection.

In every conversation that I have had with students, staff, and members of our parent community, it is clear that there is a rich tradition of academic excellence at Rochambeau that also recognizes the importance of nurturing the social and emotional development of middle school children. We look forward to reinforcing the expectations for academic excellence, high achievement, and building positive experiences for all students throughout the year. Through the extraordinary efforts of our staff, students, and parents, we work collaboratively to create a positive climate for learning and providing a stimulating, safe, and attractive environment for our children to grow. As Principal, I look to leverage this work to encourage our students to reach for new heights as they embrace challenging experiences both inside and outside of the classroom to prepare them for success as they explore the pathways for their future.

I am excited about beginning this journey with you and thank you in advance for your continued support of Region 15 Schools. My office door is always open. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

-Michael J. Bernardi, Principal

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